Starting an LLC for an Aerobics Studio

Joyle Wilkinson

Do you have a hobby that you're incredibly passionate about? Are you someone who loves teaching and sharing your passions with others? If you are then you should probably look into starting a business around your hobby.

Take Donna, for example. She LOVES dancing, stretching and doing all kinds of aerobics. And since she's also a musician, trained in jazz, she is a huge fanatic in jazzercise. So Donna began putting up flyers around town for dance lessons, and ended up getting tons of replies from interested people.

She had considered at first teaching out of her home, but then decided it would be best to speak to her family attorney first, who advised her to teach these classes in a rented dance studio. Not only that, he advised her to start up a limited liability company called "Donna's Aerobics, LLC" which is the company all her students will write their checks to.That LLC will also be the one to pay rent on the studio space. What's the benefit of this, you might ask?

Well, jazzercise is known to be a very strenuous activity, and it's not uncommon for practitioners to sprain or even break an ankle. In today's litigious society, who knows what mean soul would want to sue Donna for all she's worth in the case of a sprained ankle. Therefore, the LLC limits her liability, and any lawsuit will be directed at "Donna's Aerobics, LLC", instead of at Donna's actual person.

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