Free Living Trust - "One Size" Does Not Fit All

December 23, 2004
By Kathy Curtis

What type of trust do you need? Can your needs fit into a free living trust? Only you and your attorney know those answers for certain. While you can get a free form online and then file those documents for no fee, you are likely taking more risks than you know.

Many online sites offer free living trusts. These one-size-fits-all documents are more like general outlines that need fine tweaks here and there. If your life affairs and possessions are even slightly complicated, those no cost trusts may be less effective than you're banking on.

In fact, many of the sources that provide free trusts are based on the site's terms and must be filed "as is". "As is" is not very flexible. Also, "as is" may be a scam or not upheld by your state laws.

Who's Who
The who's who list of free service is rather large. Some states post warnings against these services for good reason. Many living trust mills push their packets onto seniors, who end up paying in the long run. The main reason a person enacts a trust is to hold off probate on their trusted assets' worth. Many of these documents are worthless against this action. Also, many seniors fail to understand how to make these living trusts active.

Just because you can get a free trust, you cannot rely on that trust to fit all of your needs. No cost living trust forms are available online and filing those documents can be accomplished for free. Still, you have no assurance your decisions won't cost your benefactors and trustee more fees in the end.

Online providers of these often-necessary forms are happy to give you the form at no cost. Some will even transfer titles for no fee as well. A few of the more popular online living trust specialists include,,, and The advice a trustworthy estate planner or state attorney is necessary to ensure your document's best interest.


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