Hello and welcome to Asset Protection Magazine - the periodical dedicated to providing a wealth of information on how to properly protect your assets and plan the future of your family's estate.Estate planning and asset protection both take a huge amount of strategy, founded on a solid understanding of all the implications of each choice. When researching in this area, it's easy to feel overwhelmed and often even confused, because there really is so much conflicting information out there.

The first thing to understand is that there ARE people just trying to sell you quick-fix, template-based asset protection strategies, and they will talk a GREAT game. But be careful, you need to understand this before you ever take your first step.

But, aside from the people deliberately trying to confuse you, you may very likely come across two highly reputable asset protection attorneys whose advice may be in conflict with each other. This happened to us years back, which is why we founded this magazine. The more we researched, the more stories and scenarios which we learned of.

One of the tricks in this world of asset protection, is that the strength of your financial structure is only tested in a situation when a judgement is levied against you. While we all hope this never happens to us, we still prepare for the worst and hope for the best. We adopt the same mentality when we drive our cars, but at least there you know ahead of time what you're getting.

With asset protection, it's really hard to 100% predict the future outcome of a judgement, because the laws are always changing, and there really is something somewhat arbitrary about these structures.

But this is simply why, when choosing the proper professional to handle your asset protection, it's important to imagine that person representing you in court. Certain companies may offer you a great deal in creating the structure, but if your day in court ever comes, they may not be anywhere to be found in order to defend your structure. It's for this reason we would always recommend having your structure created by a reputable asset protection attorney, not just a structure building company. Imagine the person representing you in court, in fact, picture all the big legal case scenes you've seen in movies, where it's a high-priced trial, and see how the director presented his "high priced lawyer" actor.

That's how you want your lawyer to appear. Granted, you don't want Tom Cruise defending you, nor do you want Perry Mason, but think of those exaggerated characterizations, and then think of those weasel-nosed defense-in-a-jar lawyers who always defend large corporations in packs of 5 or more...ok do you have both images in your head?

Now mix them up, mix up that solid, boring, insignificant lawyer, with the flashy center-of-attention lawyers you always see in Hollywood movies, and POOF! there's the person you want preparing your financial structures, securing your estate for generations to come. It's really a simple process once you get out there and start doing your research.

And that's where Asset Protection Magazine comes in. We continue to assemble article upon article for your researching pleasure. Feel free to browse our free archives of articles on all subjects, from capital gains tax and asset protection, to nevada corporations, limited partnerships and limited liability companies, to living trusts and last wills and testaments. We've got it all, and our staff of writers continues to dig at the heart of these issues.

Hoping you read benefit from our site, and more importantly, stay safe, we wish you the best of protection in your endeavors, and may you only use these techniques to protect yourself, never harming others.



Joyle Wilkinson, Editor-in-Chief
Asset Protection Magazine


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